【Cable News】 Hindu businessmen in Hong Kong advocate integration and coexistence with the Peace Centre advocate learning Yoga, Tai Chi, to peace of mind 在港印度教商人以「和平中心」宣導融合共處 主張學瑜珈太極達心境平和

Hindu businessman Mr Thiru, originally involved in the silk trade, is now majoring in charity work to promote a culture of peace to the younger generation. It turns out that there is a Peace Centre in Hong Kong which organises various programmes to promote different messages of peace, such as Personal Peace, Cultural Peace and Ecological Peace. He sent a message that Inner Peace is the key to peace, and there are several ways to find peace in life!‎

印度教商人 Mr Thiru ,本來從事絲綢貿易生意,現在主力投入慈善工作,向年輕一代推廣和平文化。原來香港有間和平中心,舉辦各式節目宣傳不同和平訊息,如「個人和平」、「文化和平」、「生態和平」。他寄語內心平靜是和平的關鍵,而有幾個方法可以找到生活中的平靜!

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