Futures of Education

Hong Kong & Greater Bay Area Forum 2022

Scaling up Capability and Capacity for a Sustainable Future

25 November 2022 14:00-18:00
Hong Kong Palace Museum

About the Forum

“Futures of Education” is UNESCO’s global initiative to reimagine how knowledge and learning can shape the future of humanity and the planet. Hosted in Hong Kong by the UNESCO HK Association Glocal Peace Centre, the “Futures of Education” Hong Kong & Greater Bay Area Forum (the “Forum”) serves as an interdisciplinary platform to facilitate discussions and debates on what education might become and enable us to become. By leveraging the collective intelligence of a diverse range of stakeholders, the Forum aims to engage with all to think together, so we may act together for a better future.

This year’s theme is “Scaling up Capability and Capacity for a Sustainable Future”. We focus on exploring the different intertwined issues and ways of building capability and capacity in the social, economic, cultural and environmental dimensions through education, in order to address sustainability problems with increased strength and readiness. Our discussions will feature experts who will bring forth thought-provoking insights on the subject and spark dialogue on novel ideas, perspectives and approaches to achieve more effective, impactful and meaningful education outcomes.

The inaugural local Forum was organized in 2020 with the theme “Futures of Education: Industry 4.0 & Beyond”, the report was published on the UN Global Compact website. You can view the report here.

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Forum Themes

Renewing pedagogical goals for sustainable development

Renewing pedagogical goals for sustainable development

Interdisciplinary learning and knowledge generation

Interdisciplinary learning and knowledge generation

Teaching as a collaborative endeavour

Teaching and learning as a collaborative endeavour

Reimagining the boundaries of learning and educational spaces

Reimagining the boundaries of learning

Towards shared purposes via dialogue and action

Towards shared purposes
via dialogue and action

Forum Agenda

Opening Session: Rethinking pedagogical goals for sustainable development

This year’s Forum, aim to discuss among the stakeholders in our community, to discuss and debate how learning and knowledge generation could facilitate the capability and capacity building for Hong Kong’s future; to call for a dialogue to re-imagine the boundaries of learning and educational spaces and to address sustainability issues via collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Pedagogy should be organized around the principles of cooperation, collaboration, and solidarity. It should foster the intellectual, social, and moral capacities of students to work together and transform the world with empathy and compassion. Assessment should reflect these pedagogical goals in ways that promote meaningful growth and learning for students and sustainable development.

By leveraging the collective intelligence of a wide range of stakeholders, the Forum aims to engage with all, to think together so we can act together to make the futures we want, and to achieve impactful and meaningful education outcomes.

Keynote Address:

  • Dr. Louis Ng (Director, Hong Kong Palace Museum)

  • Ms. Jennifer Yu Cheng (Group President and Deputy Vice Chairwoman, CTF Education Group)

Keynote Panel: Interdisciplinary learning and knowledge generation
for Hong Kong’s future

The future will present novel problems and opportunities for Hong Kong. To cultivate learners’ awareness and develop their capacities for problem-recognition and problem-solving, it is important to strengthen interdisciplinary learning within the education system. This session will discuss how curricula and pedagogies can be designed to promote interdisciplinary learning and encourage knowledge generation among learners.

Panel Chair:

  • Ms. Alice Mong (Director, Asia Society Hong Kong Centre)

Keynote Panel Speaker:

  • Hon. Duncan Chiu (Legislative Council Member, Technology & Innovation Constituency)

  • Ms. Winsome Chow (CEO, Hong Kong Arts Development Council)

  • Mr. Peter Yan (CEO, Cyberport)

Teaching & learning as a collaborative endeavor

The future will present novel problems and opportunities for Hong Kong. To cultivate learners’ awareness and develop their capacities for problem-recognition and problem-solving, it is important to strengthen interdisciplinary learning within the education system. This session will discuss how curricula and pedagogies can be designed to promote interdisciplinary learning and encourage knowledge generation among learners.

Panel Chair:

  • Mr. Eugene Fong (Honorary Advisor & Organizing Committee, Futures of Education HK & GBA Forum)


  • Mr. Dion Chen (Chairperson, HK Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council)

  • Mr. Ka Tim Chu (Chairman, The Hong Kong Association of Computer Education)

  • Ms. Joanna Hotung (Founder and Chairman, KG Group Education)

Capability and capacity building: Re-imagine the boundaries of earning

Educational opportunities can be found across society in various settings. While schools serve as essential place for education, we must also extend our vision to consider other spaces beyond the boundary of the classroom. This session focuses on how we can think more holistically and broadly of the richness and diversity of the possible spaces that support education through different periods of one’s lifetime.

Panel Chair:

  • Dr. Ray Cheung (OC, Futures of Education HK & GBA Forum)


  • Mr. Waris Candra (Head, APAC of Microbit)

  • Ms. Teresa Ng (Chairlady E-Learning Consortium, HKT Education Limited)

  • Mr. Timothy Ng (Executive Director, Guest Experience & Education)

  • Mr. Charleston Sin (Executive Director, MIT Innovation Node)

Towards shared purposes via dialogue and action

Education engages a large number of individuals and groups in a complex web of relationships. It involves students, teachers, families, education administrators and policymakers at multiple levels. This session will discuss how we can provoke dialogues and joint actions locally, regionally and globally among the private and public sectors as well as civil society, with a view to transform educational culture and future.

Panel Chair:

  • Ms. Jennifer Ma (OC, Futures of Education HK & GBA Forum)


  • Mr. Eric Chak (Chair, Rotary Action Group for Peace HK & Macao Chapter)

  • Dr. Terence Chan (Deputy Council Chairman, The Education University of Hong Kong)

  • Ms. Clare Muhiudeen (Head of Asia, WTW)

Closing remarks

  • Dr. Darwin Chen (President Emeritus, UNESCO Hong Kong Association)

Futures of Education Annual Survey

Commissioned by the UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Centre, this survey aims to explore and measure the education landscape in terms of challenges, gaps, expectations and impact, with a focus on Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, by collecting views from a range of stakeholders including education professionals, students, parents, and business executives.

Please click the button below to view and download our survey report from the previous year. The latest survey is now in progress and a new report will soon be available on this page later in 2022.

Honorary Advisors

The Forum benefits from a panel of leading figures from education, research, youth and community development. The Advisors provide guidance to better shape the debates and discussions on the topics relevant to the “Futures of Education” HK & GBA initiative.

Dr. Darwin Chen, SBS

President Emeritus, UNESCO Hong Kong Association

Darwin Chen was responsible for the establishment of several professional arts companies and museums while serving as Director of Cultural Service of the Hong Kong Government in the 70’s and 80’s. He subsequently served as Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing, Deputy Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Commissioner of Labour and Director of Buildings and Lands. He was former Chairman of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and currently serves as Emeritus President of the UNESCO Hong Kong Association.

Dr. Chen serves on the board of many charitable organizations in Hong Kong and Mainland China as well as international non-profit bodies, including Habitat for Humanity China, Plan International (Hong Kong), Amity Foundation, Bright China Foundation, Hong Kong Christian Service, and St. Christopher’s Home. He is also Senior Advisor to the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong and council member of the Centennial College.

Awarded the degree of Doctor of Social Sciences (honoris causa) by the University of Hong Kong, Chen is also an Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong University of Education and Honorary University Fellow of the University of Hong Kong. He was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Hong Kong SAR Government in recognition of his community service. He also received the award of AII China Outstanding Philanthropic Worker from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Chinese Government.

Mrs. Jennifer Yu Cheng

Group President and Deputy Vice Chairwoman of CTF Education Group

Mrs. Jennifer Yu Cheng graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a degree in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and a minor in Economics. Prior to her career in education, she was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in the Fixed Income Currency and Commodities division.

Jennifer is also Founder of the Jennifer Yu Cheng Girls Impact Foundation (JYCGIF), a charitable initiative focused on educating, inspiring and ultimately empowering teenage girls to become “future ready leaders”. Jennifer is also the co-founder of ARCH Education, an expert education institute based in Hong Kong. ARCH’s mission is to bridge the education gap through delivering transformational programs and providing expert education and admissions counselling to equip students for their future goals.

Jennifer is currently Supervisor of Victoria Educational Organisation (VEO), School Manager of DSC International School, School Manager of Delia Memorial Schools and Board Member of Wycombe Abbey Hong Kong. Jennifer also serves on the Board of Visitors of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University. She is a member of the Courts of The University of Hong Kong and Lingnan University, Vice President of UNESCO Hong Kong Association, Co-Chair of the Hong Kong Choate Club, Honorary Advisor of School Board of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association, Member of Victoria Shanghai Academy’s Academic Planning and Development Committee, Asia Pacific Leadership Council Member of The Nature Conservancy and Ambassador to Love Foundation.

In 2019, Jennifer was awarded the Women of Hope Award in the Children’s Advocate category by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, a recognition of her contributions and achievement in the field of education and child development. In 2021, Jennifer was named one of Prestige magazine’s “40 Under 40”and was acknowledged by Tatler on ‘’Asia’s Most Influential List”.

Prof. Kai-ming Cheng

Emeritus Professor, the University of Hong Kong

Professor Kai-Ming Cheng is Professor Emeritus at the University of Hong Kong, Hon. Director of Education Policy Unit at the Faculty of Education. He was Chair Professor of Education, Dean of Education, Vice-President and Senior Advisor to the President of HKU. He taught at the Harvard Graduate School of Education as Visiting Professor for ten years.

He was a school teacher in Physics and Mathematics, and a school principal, before he pursued doctoral study at the London Institute of Education. He has been consultant with the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNDP, IIEP and ADB. His research started with underdeveloped rural villages in China, India and Africa. He has been involved in institutional evaluation and accreditation, policy discussion and training in various jurisdictions, recently in China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Kazakhstan and Vietnam.

He lectures at the National Academy of Education Administration, Beijing, and SKOLKOVO, Moscow. Since 2013, he hosts the annual Summer Institute: Higher Education for Tomorrow at HKU for senior leaders in higher education from various countries. His current attention is on the fundamental changes in society and their challenges to education, and focusses on learning as the core business of education.

He is on the Global Advisory Boards of various international organisations: National Council for Education and the Economy, (US); Global Science of Learning Education Network (US), and Yidan Prize (Hong Kong, Convenor). He is member of China Education 30 Forum, which is a think-tank cum advocate in China. Locally he was member of the Education Commission and was instrumental in the comprehensive reform which started 1999. He has delivered hundreds of keynotes around the world. He writes columns in Hong Kong Economic Journal Daily and Shanghai Education, and for three years in Escuela (Spain).

Mr. Choi Tak Shing, Stanley, JP

Chief Investment Officer of Pacific Capital Planning Limited
Chief Operating Officer of Wofoo Social Enterprises

Mr. Choi graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. He also obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of London, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Mr. Choi is a Certified Public Accountant.

Mr. Choi serves as the Chairman of the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education and the Deputy Chairman of the Joint Committee on Student Finance. He also serves as a member of several statutory bodies. Mr. Choi is also avid on the development in China as he is a Standing Committee Member of Ningxia Hui People’s Political Consultative Conference and All-China Youth Federation of the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Choi has had a lifelong passion about the development of youth and education. He is currently Supervisor of a primary school, manager of two primary and two secondary schools in Hong Kong. He is also appointed as member of the Council of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Mr. Choi currently serves as the Executive Chairman of Committee of Youth Activities in Hong Kong and Joint Committee for the Promotional of The Basic Law of Hong Kong, and consultant of the Hong Kong United Youth Association.

Prof. Ismail Ertürk

Senior Lecturer in Banking
Director for Social Responsibility and Engagement at Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

Professor Ismail Ertürk is Senior Lecturer in Banking and Director of Chinese Banking Programmes at Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester. He acted as Director for Social Responsibility and Engagement at AMBS.  His research interests are socially useful finance, central banking, banking, financial regulation, corporate governance, and cultural political economy. 

He has co-authored and co-edited four books, including one by Oxford University Press on the 2007 banking crisis, and numerous interdisciplinary academic articles in leading social science journals.  He participated in funded research programmes including European Social and Economic Models of Knowledge Economy, Centre for Research into Socio-cultural Change, European Cooperation in Science and Technology.

He has undertaken advisory work for companies and government institutions internationally and has developed and directed senior banking programmes for the leading international banks including the largest Chinese banks.

He has held various international visiting teaching and research positions.  He sits on the boards of art organisations and non-profit organisations with social purpose.  He regularly appears in international media including BBC and Bloomberg to comment on finance and economy.

Prof. Yiu-Kwan Fan, BBS, JP

Adjunct Professor, Economics Department, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Emeritus Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Professor Fan was Executive Director of Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) (2008-2013); Honorary Professor of Economics, School of Economics and Finance of The University of Hong Kong (2007-2008); Vice-President (Development) (2003-2007) and Dean of School of Business (1986-2003) of Hong Kong Baptist University. Before joining Hong Kong Baptist University, he had held faculty positions at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Southern California and The University of Hong Kong.

Professor Fan has served on numerous boards and committees of public bodies and professional organizations, including: Member, Law Reform Commission, Government of the HKSAR; Chairman, Advisory Committee on Social Work Training and Manpower Planning, Government of the HKSAR; Head of Research, Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission; Member, Hong Kong Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation, Government of the HKSAR; President, Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development; and President, Hong Kong Economic Association.

Professor Fan was awarded the Justice of the Peace (2000) and the Bronze Bauhinia Star Award (2005) by the Government of HKSAR.

Prof. (Dr.) Samuel Leong

Vice-President, UNESCO Hong Kong Association
Former Director, UNESCO Observatory for Research in Local Cultures & Creativity in Education
Former Deputy Director, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Professor Samuel Leong has led a multifarious, interdisciplinary and international career over the past 40 years spanning education, performance, health, media, technology, business and administration. As a professor of interdisciplinary arts, he has contributed to over 100 publications and given invited presentations on five continents including the World Creativity Summit, World Learning Conference and World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit.

Born in Singapore, he is an Honorary Rotarian and co-founder of the UNESCO HK Glocal Peace Centre. His current projects focus on life arts and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Mr. Eugene Fong

Chairman, Committee on Home-School Co-operation
Member, Family Council
Member, Education Commission

Mr. Fong serves as the director and Deputy General Manager of Junefair Group which specializes in buildings’ electrical services and wholesale of electrical cables in Hong Kong and Macau.  He is a member of CPA Australia and a fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.

Mr. Fong is active in community affairs, holding leadership positions in government advisory bodies, schools, youth groups, church and related bodies, trade associations, NGOs and charitable organizations.

Mr. Tim Lui, SBS, JP

Chairman, Securities & Futures Commission
Chairman, Education Commission

Mr. Lui is the Chairman of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

Mr. Lui is a Fellow Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and a Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He was elected President of HKICPA in 1997.

He was a Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”), Lead Director of the Board of Partners and a member of the Global Board of PwC International Limited.

Mr. Lui has been active in public and community service. Currently, he is also Chairman of the Education Commission and a member of the Public Service Commission.

Mr. Vernon Francis Moore, BBS

Trustee, Asia Society Hong Kong Center

By profession, Mr. Moore is an accountant, his career began in banking and included experience, mining, aviation, power generation, special steel, property, infrastructure, tunnels and telecommunications. He came to Hong Kong in 1979 with the Chase Manhattan Bank, and in1987 joined the CITIC group in Hong Kong where he worked for 33 years until 2020, first as finance director and finally as advisor to the chairman. He was a non-executive director of CLP, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Telecom. He has long been a board member of the Community Chest of which he was a deputy chairman, served on government and professional committees and is a past president of the Rotary Club of Hong Kong. Mr Moore is a trustee of the Asia Society.

Ms. Christine A Scott

Chair, Trust Investments Management Limited
Trustee, UNICEF

Ms. Christine Scott is Chair of Trust Investments Management Limited and Managing Director of Strategy Inc. Limited in New Zealand. Formerly NZ Managing Director with Royal & SunAlliance (now the SunCorp Metway group of companies), she now focuses on corporate governance and consults with businesses in the areas of strategy, marketing, governance and executive development.

Christine has held directorships in numerous financial service companies in New Zealand and Canada, including Asteron Life Limited, Norwich Union and Guardian Assurance Limited. Her not-for-profit experience in NZ extends to trustee positions in UNICEF, the J R McKenzie Trust, The Auckland Kindergarten Association and the Auckland Rotary Foundation. She is also a past Director of the ISI – the organisation representing the financial services sector in NZ (now the Financial Services Council).

Christine was awarded CHFC, CFP, CLU and FLMI financial sector designations in Canada.

Sr. Margaret Wong, MH

Vice President, UNESCO HK Association

Sr. Margaret Wong is a seasoned educator who has led the most prestigious St. Paul’s Convent School for over 25 years. Prior to that, she served as the Principal and Supervisor of St. Paul’s Secondary School for 18 years as well as involved in various community services, including the Wanchai District Board, the Education Commission, part-time member of the Hong Kong Central Policy Unit, board member of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, founding member of the Hong Kong Education University and the Li Po Chun United World College, just to name a few. She was awarded the MBE in 1997 for her contribution to education and community services.

Presently, she is the Supervisor and Principal of St. Paul’s Convent School, the Vice President of the UNESCO HK Association and the Vice Chair of the Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, Manager of St. Paul’s Secondary School, St. Paul’s Primary Catholic School, St. Paul’s Convent School (Primary Section) and Li Po Chun United World College. 



Mr. Waris Candra

Ms. Winsome Chow

Dr. Louis Ng

Mr. Eric Chak

Mr. Ka Tim Chu

Ms. Teresa Ng

Dr. Terence Chan

Ms. Joanna Hotung

Mr. Timothy Ng

Mr. Dion Chen

Ms. Alice Mong

Mr. Charleston Sin

Hon. Duncan Chiu

Ms. Clare Muhiudeen

Mr. Peter Yan

Forum Organizing Committee

Ms. Candy Liu (Co-Chair)
Ms. Sarah Tam (Co-Chair)
Mr. Nicolas Bijuk
Dr. Ray Cheung
Mr. Eugene Fong
Prof. (Dr.) Samuel Leong
Mrs. Mitzi Leung
Mr. Roy Lo
Ms. Jennifer Ma
Ms. Joe Ng
Mr. Michael Chi On Wong

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Mr. Waris Candra

Head, APAC of Microbit

Mr. Waris Candra is an edtech leader in STEAM education, championing the use of BBC micro:bit and pioneering of numerous coding and STEAM education initiatives in APAC region. He has contributed to the many training and education for teachers with partners in the micro:bit ecosystem.

Ms. Winsome Chow

CEO, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Since joining Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) as the Chief Executive in 2015, Ms Chow has sought more arts spaces and sponsorship for Hong Kong artists and the Council.  She has initiated numerous vital strategies and schemes over the years, including gradual improvements to the Council’s grant schemes and devising new ones, like the “Matching Fund Scheme” that has helped arts groups to grow with the support of their donors and sponsors.  She is keen to promote cultural exchange and led over 700 arts practitioners to various overseas festivals, expos, arts markets in Europe, America and Australia before the pandemic.  She promoted 24 arts programmes in major cities in the Mainland with some in digital format. To help artists and arts practitioners under the pandemic, she devised the “Support Scheme for Arts and Cultural Sector” in 2020 to distribute the Government’s relief fund.  Concurrently, she sought sponsorship from the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to engage 68 arts units in a HK$25 million project, “Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme”.  She was bestowed the International Citation of Merit by the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) in 2022.

Dr. Louis Ng

Director, Hong Kong Palace Museum

Mr. Eric Chak

Chair, Rotary Action Group for Peace HK & Macao Chapter

Past District Governor Eric graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1995.  Joined Tuen Mun Hospital as an Orthopaedic Surgeon in 2007 and established his own Specialists Clinic in 2009.

Eric joined Rotary Club of Peninsula in 2010.  Since joining Rotary, his passion and spirit is one to be admired, served as Club President for two terms, District Strategic Planning Committee Chair, District Secretary, Rotaract Support Fund Chair, Assistant Governor and Chairman of the 4th Rotary Hong Kong Ultramarathon. He is currently serving as District Public Image Committee Chair, Chair of Rotary Action Group for Peace (HK & Macau Chapter) and Zone 9 Assistant Rotary Regional Foundation Coordinator.

He also led a vocational training team to Mongolia, with a mission to train local doctors in orthopaedic operations. One of the most memorable services he led was the “Dream come true” project, which was a joint effort of multiple Rotary clubs. Connecting Rotarians to reach out to the young disabled and underprivileged to help them achieve their ambitions.

Mr. Ka Tim Chu

Chairman, The Hong Kong Association of Computer Education

Ms. Teresa Ng

Chief Commercial Officer, DrGo
Head of Marketing & Partnership, HKT Home of HKT and HKT Education Limited

Teresa is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience across diversed FMCG products. She joined HKT Limited in 2011 to formulate effective marketing strategies across Broadband, nowTV, Fixed Line, HKT education, eSmartHealth and DrGo. Teresa is a strong entrepreneur who expanded the scope of eduTech & HealthTech for HKT.

In Apr 2022, Teresa was appointed Chief Commercial Officer to oversee DrGo which is now the market leader for telemedicine and a leading digital transformation for healthcare sector.

Prior to joining HKT, Teresa was Head of Marketing at Unilever for Hong Kong and Taiwan. She also held senior positions in Mead Johnson Nutritionals HK Limited and Amoy Foods Limited.

Teresa is the Councilor of HKITF, Chairlady of e-Learning Consortium and Steering Committee of Girls Go Tech.

Dr. Terence Chan

Deputy Council Chairman, The Education University of Hong Kong

Dr. Terence Chan is the chairman of Bay Area Capital Partners Limited, a HK SFC licensed asset management firm that focuses on private equity investment in the area of real estate & infrastructure asset, property & construction technology, clean energy, fintech, ESG enhancement and smart cities applications. He has been an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Real Estate and Construction of the University of Hong Kong with main areas of research in cross-border real estate investment, asset securitization, technology application and sustainable development.

Dr. Chan not only holds PhD in Economics and MSc in Real Estate, but also gets the fellow professional membership in CPA Australia (FCPA) & Royal Institute of Charted Surveyors (FRICS) as well as the professional designation of Charted Financial Analyst (CFA). He deeply devotes to industry & professional bodies such as assuming the chairman of ESG & Sustainable Investment Committee of Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association, Co-chairman of the Belt & Road Working Group of Hong Kong Green Finance Association, member of REIT Committee of Securities & Futures Commission, member of Mainland Opportunity Committee of Financial Service Development Council and Advisory Board member of CFA Society HK and member of Greater Bay Area Committee of CPA Australia.

Dr Chan actively participates in education and social service. He was a Council Member of Hong Kong Baptist University. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of Hong Kong Education University Council, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Business Discipline of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, a Member of the Advisory Committee of Graduate Employment of The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, a Member of Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority and the Witness Protection Review Board of Security Bureau, a Member of Higher Rights Assessment Board and an Observer of the Independent Police Complaints Council. 

Dr. Chan heavily involved in the Hong Kong-Shanghai economic, environmental, green finance & technology partnership and research collaboration through his Deputy President role in the Hong Kong-Shanghai Economic Development Association, the President of Shanghai HK Association and Member of the Economic discipline in the CPPCC Shanghai Municipal Committee since 2017. He is s also a Member of the Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies of the State Council and a Member of the 2021 Election Committee of the HKSAR Government.

Ms. Joanna Hotung

Founder and Chairman, KG Group Education

The founder of the KG Group in 1996, Joanna is a dedicated educator as well as entrepreneur, and a pioneer in creative learning in Hong Kong. Inspired by her firm belief in more well-rounded, creative, and enquiry-based educational opportunities while maintaining academic success, she has had an influence over 80,000 students, and alumni are studying at prestigious universities or working in a wide range of fields worldwide.

Joanna has a Bachelors (Hons) degree from the University of London and MBA from the University of Warwick, and is a Licentiate Teacher of Trinity College London. 

She is Chairperson Emeritus of Youth Diabetes Action, and past or current Board Member of The Women’s Foundation, Playright Children’s Play Association, Hong Kong Ballet, Bring Me a Book, the Hong Kong Arts Festival Society, and an Advisory Board member at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. 

She has won several awards for her work and influence, including SCMP Woman of our Time and the American Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year.

Mr. Timothy Ng

Executive Director, Guest Experience & Education of Ocean Park Hong Kong

Mr. Timothy Ng is the Executive Director, Guest Experience & Education of Ocean Park Corporation, Hong Kong’s home-grown theme park, which connects six million visitors a year to nature. 

Joined the Park in 1989, Timothy has been in different positions from Clinical Microbiologist to Wildlife Conservation Director and was transferred to Park Operation team in 2013.  

In his current capacity, he is leading a team of 500 full time staff and hundreds of part time staff to manage the Park’s daily operations and education team to deliver the best possible experience to the Park guests and connect the guests to the nature.  

In 2019, Timothy was recognized by China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA) as a “China Amusement Industry Pioneer” for the fantastic works that he and his team have done in elevating the Park’s guest experience and entertainment offerings.  

In 2020, Timothy was awarded by Sichuan Forestry and Grassland Bureau for his outstanding service to the conservation of Giant Panda.

In addition, Timothy was serving HKSAR’s Veterinary Surgeon Board as their board member.

As a graduate of the Washington State University, Pullman, Timothy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, and Master of Business Administration from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK.

Mr. Dion Chen

Chairperson, HK Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council

Mr. Dion Chen received his education in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Accounting & Financial Analysis from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, and a Master’s Degree in Business from University of Newcastle, Australia. He also obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Education and a Professional Diploma in ECA Management from universities in Hong Kong.

Mr. Chen started his career in education in a special school. This brought him an extensive understanding about teaching and learning and he joined YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College in 2004. In his 17-year tenure, he was appointed in various leading capacities and the Principal since 2013. With his comprehensive and extensive experiences and expertise, the school was with notable academic improvement and also well-resourced facilities, creating a dynamic, effective learning environment for students.

Being a passionate, life-long learner, Mr. Chen decided to take up the challenge, changing from a young DSS school to Ying Wa College, a school with over 200-year fascinating traditions and history to further enrich and diversify his career path. He is committed to contributing his experiences to the College as well as the education sector with the objective to nurture the younger generation by developing their talents, fostering the pursuit of academic excellence and leading a healthy well-being with a humble and caring heart to make contributions to the society.

Mr. Chen is also actively serving the community. He is currently the Chairman of Hong Kong Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools Council, the Vice-chairman of Hong Kong Principal’s Institute, Committee Member of Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food, the Chairman of Islands District Branch, Hong Kong Association of Youth Development, Associate Director of Elite Training Committee, Hong Kong Canoe Union, the Committee Member of Canoe Polo Committee of International Canoe Federation, the Deputy Regional Commissioner of New Territories Region, Scout Association of Hong Kong, the Vice President of Lantau Island District, Scout Association of Hong Kong, and the President of E-club of Lantau, Rotary District 3450.

Ms. Alice Mong

Director, Asia Society Hong Kong Centre

Ms. Alice Mong is the Executive Director of Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK), an independent non-governmental educational organization established in 1990, since August 2012. She served as a consultant to ASHK in preparation for the February 2012 opening of its permanent home at the Former Explosives Magazine in Admiralty.  

Prior to ASHK, Ms. Mong worked in New York for almost a decade in the non-profit sector in senior management positions. She was the Director of the Museum of Chinese in America (MOCA) from 2009 to 2011, overseeing the expansion project of the 30-year old organization. She stepped down as Museum Director in July 2011 after successfully transforming the museum from a New York Chinatown institution into a leading national museum dedicated to preserving and presenting the history, heritage, culture and diverse experiences of people of Chinese descent in the United States. Ms. Mong also served as the Executive Director for the Committee of 100 in the United States, a Chinese-American non-profit membership organization founded by architect I.M. Pei and cellist Yo-Yo Ma. She began her career at the Ohio Department of Development in Ohio, and later became Managing Director of the Ohio Office of East and Southeast Asia in Hong Kong. Ms. Mong worked for Hang Lung Property Group from 1995 to 2002. She serves as a Member of the Board of Directors of The Ohio State University Alumni Association.

Ms. Mong has over 30 years of leadership experience in government and the non-profit sector in Hong Kong, Ohio and New York. 

Mr. Charleston Sin

Executive Director, MIT Innovation Node

The Honourable Duncan Chiu

Legislative Council Member, Technology & Innovation Constituency

Duncan has committed to technology and innovation development for nearly 20 years. He is not only a tech entrepreneur but also a veteran investor, as well as an influential advocator of local technology and innovation policies. He often speaks at forums and conferences to promote start-up culture and helps young entrepreneurs with workshops and mentorship.

Duncan is the President of the Hong Kong Information Technology Joint Council (HKITJC) and the Convenor of Innovate for Future, a think tank representing some of the leading technology start-ups in Hong Kong. He is also a Non-official Member of the Digital Economy Development Committee, the Chairman of HKTDC Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Services Advisory Committee, the Chairman of Information Technology Services Committee of the Hospital Authority, the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Member of the Advisory Committee of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Ms. Clare Muhiudeen

Head of Asia, WTW

As Head of Asia, Clare is responsible for driving business growth and leading WTW’s client and colleague experience across its business segments in Asia. Clare brings diverse experience to this role having spent 30 years in the business; serving clients and leading large, multi-disciplinary teams across large geographic regions. 

Most recently, she has been leading WTW International’s Human Capital & Benefits (HCB) segment. Her client base has included multinational companies in professional services, engineering, airlines, luxury brands, telecommunications and many more multi-disciplinary teams across various international markets including, Asia Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Latin America. 

Clare began her career researching employee engagement at the London School of Economics before joining one of our legacy companies, the Wyatt Company, to work in HR consulting. Her career has progressed through the organization and across the globe, managing client relationships and teams in the UK, Europe and the Middle East before moving to run WTW’s Human Capital business in Asia Pacific in 2009, where she has been based ever since. 

She is an active supporter of DEI within the company acting as executive sponsor to several senior female leaders in addition to sponsoring the WTW Asia I&D council. 

Passionate about ensuring opportunity for all through education and skill development, her volunteer time includes being involved :

  • As a member of MayCham’s Women’s Internal Network ( WiN) subcommittee 
  • A joint founder of a HK focused senior women’s leadership programme – ACcelerate
  • Trustee of a UK based Charity PAWA that supports teenage girls education in Asia
  • Volunteer swim coach with SPLASH! Giving the disadvantaged in HK the opportunity to learn to swim

Mr. Peter Yan

CEO, Cyberport

Mr Yan is an industry leader with more than 35 years of experience in the information technology industry.  As the CEO of Cyberport, Mr Yan leads the digital technology flagship focusing on talent cultivation, industry development, and the integration of new and traditional economies.  Prior to joining Cyberport, Mr Yan was the Executive Director and CEO of SUNeVision and had held various senior management positions in large consulting and IT services companies including Accenture, Tradelink and Computer and Technologies.

Mr Yan has been active in public services and is a member of the Election Committee (the Technology and Innovation Subsector). He serves as a member of the Council of the City University and the Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Mr Yan is also a member of the Human Capital Committee of the Financial Services Development Council, a member of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, and various industry or professional organisations in the I&T sector.  He also lectures as an Adjunct Professor at CUHK, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at HKU.

Mr. Yan holds a BBA Degree from CUHK and was conferred the Honoree of the Year by the CUHK Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma in 2020, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Hong Kong Computer Society in 2021. He also received Executive Education from the Harvard Business School.